Bolt strengths

When that got boring, I squeezed my toes in on top of the angle iron too, got my balance, and bounced a few times. The angle iron deformed a little, but the bolt didn't show the least sign of strain. This totalled about 225 pounds not counting the bouncing effect -- way over the 160 pound rating shown below.

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Tire Load Range vs. Load Index

Both have a 4-ply rating, but the Extra Load can support additional load at up to 42 PSI while the Standard Load is 36 PSI. If your tires indicate higher max air pressures than the max load carrying air pressure of the tire, a tire expert may need to weigh in to make sure the tire being used can handle the weight requirements of the vehicle.

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Tonnage Chart Showing Tons needed to Punch a Hole

All table figures shown are tons or percentages of tons. For sizes inbetween, you can interpolate. To calculate the tons needed for other metals just multiply number times the tons required for punching mild steel: Aluminum (-0): multiply x .36 Brass (1/4 hard): multiply x .70 Copper (1/2 hard): multiply x .52.

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Wheel Loaders

® wheel loaders, or front end loaders, come in many different configurations to meet your requirements in all regions of the world.

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Recommended Tire PSI and Load Range for Large Fifth Wheel

The highest load range we have in size 235/80-16 tires is a load range E. I recommend going with our Westlake ST235/80R16 Radial Trailer Tire

Note: 35 psi is the assigned "maximum load" pressure for standard load tires and 41 psi is the assigned "maximum load" pressure for extra load tires. The above chart correctly shows that an extra load tire is not rated to carry any more load than a standard load tire when both are inflated to the same pressure (up to the standard load tire's "maximum load" pressure of 35 psi).

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How to Fix a Hydraulic Dump Trailer System

 · If you have a KTI pump, (this is the same pump that we have used for the past 10 years or so) you can remove the round coil, (this controls the up function) by loosening the nut on top and the two wires. Then swap the round coil with the square coil, (this controls the ….

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Well, if you're a fan of the beloved British claymation series 'Wallace & Gromit,' you may have first heard of this area of the Dales, Wensleydale, because of its local cheese. In fact, the animated duo's notorious affinity for the local curd—which Wallace likes because producers thought saying it makes his face look 'nice and toothy.

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Electric Semi Trucks & Heavy

 · The truck would have a 100-mile range, a 145 kWh battery pack, and a 22-ton haulage capacity. The model uses a 140 kW fast charger, allowing ….

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Press Brake Tonnage Load Calculator

Load: tons Calculate Reset. Download the App Today! Calculate Press Brake Tonnage in the Palm of your Hand! The CINCINNATI Load Calc app is a must tool for any metal fabricator to calculate the air bend tonnage to form a part on a press brake. The intuitive interface will guide the user through the process by allowing selection of material type.

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There are many cool features provided by vue-loader:. Allows using other webpack loaders for each part of a Vue component, for example Sass for